Tuesday, August 3, 2010


These are the aprons that we love to make. They are gathered across the bust to accentuate the positive. The empire waist shows off curvy figures and the straps can be tied in the front or back.

We can custom make to just about any specifications...no idea too crazy, just cute or hot!

Every apron is reversible, with cute fabric on both sides.Pink, blue, green and brown plaid with retro cute cookin' fabric and dark brown accents and ties.
Dark red and bright green and cream polka dots with cream accents and ties.
(It may sound Christmasy, but is really beautiful for everyday)

Brown and green dots with retro cute cookin' and brown accents and ties.
Close up of the retro cookin' fabric
Orange, brown and yellow butterflies with yellow and orange flowers and yellow flowered accents and ties.

Close up of butterflies fabric
For men and women...Chili peppers with green background and red and orange flowers and red accents and ties. (This style is slightly different because let's face it, no man wants a gathered bust or the guys to see the flowers on the other side.
Turquoise flowers and black polka dots.
Turquoise flowers with black and blue and yellow flowers and black and white polka dots
Zebra with Black and white flowers and b/w polka dots
Pink and brown with pink, purple, and green butterflies and purple accents and ties.
Retro country apples and red check accents and ties.
Hot pink, white and black with Black polka dots and hot pink accents and ties.
Light blue/ green with flowered print (on both sides) and dark brown accents and ties.

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